Making of “The Dry Cleaner”

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Behind the scenes film

Podcast interview with writer & director Chris Carr

The Dry Cleaner has been a huge passion project for me, that is part of what I hope will become a bigger project called “The Great Game”.

Since I was a teenager I have been deeply fascinated by spies. My early fascination started with James Bond and The Man From Uncle, but that interest grew in my late teens when I was lucky enough to meet one of the worlds most effective spies Oleg Gordievsky. After meeting Oleg I started to read lots of factual books on espionage as well as fictional books by celebrated authors such as John Le Carre, Graham Greene, David Ignatius and W. Somerset Maugham.

What fascinated me the most about espionage was the relationship between an intelligence officer and the agent they are running. Its a relationship that requires absolute trust, in a world of exist in a world of deception and betrayal.

to me espionage Is the stuff of great drama! I feel That the best spy stories are really character studies and that is what I aimed to do with my short spy film The Dry Cleaner

— Chris Carr, Writer & Director of The Dry Cleaner


Dry Cleaning is a counter surveillance technique used by spies to see if they are being followed. The idea is if you are going to meet a covert source you do not want to expose them or yourself by allowing hostile surveillance to follow you.

The first rule of dry cleaning is to never look back. Looking back makes you look suspicious.

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The Dry Cleaner was a self financed film. We were very lucky to get generous sponsors who helped us with equipment and logistics, that kept our production costs low and enabled us to put that money on the screen. The film was shot over 8 days, filmed with a RED Epic Dragon, Shooting in 5k, using Cooke S4 prime lenses.

We shot on locations around London ranging from Canary Wharf, Paddington, Olympia, Shoreditch, and Westminster. Some of the locations we used in the film have featured in other spy films such as The Ipcress File, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and Skyfall.


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All stills photography by Marc Hankins