A raid in Paris has yielded a link between the terrorist organisation Munathma and a revolutionary group called the FKA. 
British Intelligence officer George Collins is pressured from his section chief to make contact with Middle Eastern student Lydia Iyad, who knows members of the FKA at her university. Lydia feels conflicted about the idea of spying on her friends for Britain, especially with its bad reputation in the Middle East. 
George needs Lydia to make a decision and provide information.

Will Lydia work with George or will she leave him out in the cold?

What the former intelligence pros and experts are saying

Produced with elan, directed with deft and written by somebody in the know. The Dry Cleaner reminds us of the brave people that become covert human intelligence sources (CHISs) to keep us safe. A must watch for fans of this genre."

Rossa McPhillips MBE, former British Military Intelligence officer

"The Dry Cleaner could be used by the security services as a training film on espionage. The tradecraft is brilliantly executed, and the sense of betrayal grabs you from the beginning. Carr has done a wonderful job of setting the tone for something that you learn early on in the world of intelligence, i.e., there are no friendly intelligence services."

Fred Burton, former State Department special agent and New York Times best-selling author 

“The Dry Cleaner is an excellent short film. Fascinating plot. Very well executed. Few post-9/11 spy thrillers show the dangers and risks of counterterrorism work through the perspective of the asset as well as the handler. The Dry Cleaner raises the bar for the spy movie genre. I look forward to seeing more good things from director Chris Carr.”

Yaya J. Fanusie, former CIA Counterterrorism Analyst

"The film shows excellent tradecraft. 

It depicts the difficulty of walking the line between cultivating and protecting a human being who is placing his/her trust in you, but also recruiting a source who is needed to provide key information. It also shows the importance of operational security. The counter surveillance scenes in the film are well done, in fact, there aren’t very many pop culture representations of SDRs that I can say are better than this"

Dr. Vince Houghton, Historian & Curator at the International Spy Museum

“I really enjoyed it. I think it depicted the reality of counter-surveillance extremely well, capturing the need to be surveillance conscious without falling prey to the trap of thinking that everyone is watching you.  I thought the casting and scripting were both excellent and the production values were exceptional. Super stuff, authentic and gripping.”

Paddy Hayes, intelligence historian and author

“I was thrown right into this absorbing and well-crafted thriller: taut, suspenseful and thought-provoking, it reminded me of the best British spy TV and film.”

Jeremy Duns, author of the Paul Dark spy novels



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