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The Dry CleanerCast is a podcast taking a new look at “the war on terror”, geopolitics and espionage in the 21st century. Once a month each episode brings a new interview with authors, scholars and former professionals from the world of espionage. 

We hope by using long form interviews we can go in to greater depth on the subject and bring out the human stories that are often missed by current reporting on the subject.

Host Chris Carr is a freelance writer & director. He works in film, theatre and digital media. The podcast takes its name from a short spy film Chris has written and  directed called "The Dry Cleaner". The film will be show in film festivals world-wide during 2018

Dry Cleaning is a counter-surveillance technique used by spies before they meet a covert source. The point of the technique is to discover if you are being followed and make sure you are clean of surveillance before you meet your source.